1998 vacation to

Isla Mujeres, Mexico

Ten miles off Cancun, but Another Universe altogether

Conch House
Fanciful concrete frosting sculpts a fantasy atop humble cinder blocks

¡Viva Tequila!
Miguel the bartender served as Kit’s counselor and physician

Coco Loco
A drink in a fresh coconut picked from the hotel’s lush gardens (ditto hibiscus)

Fruity Spectacle
A seaside siren call to an overheated, thirsty gringa

Gateway to the Sea
The view from La Posada del Mar, looking toward the mainland

La Mujer
Isla Mujeres stands in for Kit’s spiritual, aboriginal homeland

Student of Botany
Steve points out the tropical delights on La Posada del Mar’s grounds

Mayan Sacrifices
Tequila floated over Kahlua in a tall shot glass, set aflame!
Drink before the straw melts! (requires effort)